Hopscotch Bar Stool

Like the balance of the Hopscotch range, there is a sense of playfulness. At the same time, some serious manufacturing has taken place to produce a piece of this angular shaped complexity. Posture Perfect in every way with a fully foamed and webbed-up seat.

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Dimensions & Details


Height (cm)
110 high / 99 low
Width (cm)
Depth (cm)
54 high - 53 low
Seat Height (cm)
75 high - 67 low


'Posture perfect' foamed and webbed-up cushioned seat.
A 3/4 or full height option available.
'Lush' foamed and webbed-up chunky cushioned seat
Well balanced and weighted / easy to move


  • Solid Southland Beech all the way
  • Plywood webbing assembly
  • Webbing
  • Chrome foot rest and lower rails