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Inspired by New Zealand’s iconic sailing history and island living, SAILS Screens are both light and robust, natural, industrial and very Kiwi. Made from South Island sourced Southern Beech and Birch Plywood, this elegant piece would enhance any room; as a room divider, creating nooks, or adding height variation. Inherent acoustic qualities in the panels reduce noise in busy spaces allowing better conversation. The natural curves are the result of applying tension to the plywood using stainless steel cable held firm with swage stud ends. Each of the three screen leaves are capable of rotating 360 degrees due to a unique hinge detail created from super strong webbing, locked in place with stitched ‘stop ends’. The result is a ‘concertina style’ leafed Room Divider capable of multiple open or closed positions. Additional leaves can be added.

*Per leaf

Available in different stains.

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Dimensions & Details


Width (cm)
3 /4 /5 Panel - 180/ 240 /300
Depth (cm)
Height (cm)
Weight (kg)
3 /4 /5 Panel - 12 / 16 / 20


Can create private areas and conversation hubs.
Lightweight design makes them easy to re-position.
The unique hinge design allows complete or partial opening.
Softens sound in internal environments.


  • Solid Beech Timber uprights
  • Birch Plywood
  • Stainless Steel Cable
  • Upholstery Webbing