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5-axis CNC Router

"Look at me!"  SCM tech Z5

"Flexibility is crucial to my fitness. Incorporating a good warm-up and cool-down into every session decreases my chances of breakdowns. I use both dynamic and static stretching in my training. I’ve started doing a few yoga sessions (my version), which incorporates muscle strength and flexibility."

"Pete, Dean & Adam in the Machine Shop have asked me to take you through a few of my moves."

"Below is a 3D timber surface I produced for panels, with some help from the guys of course. The finished pieces were incredibly effective and a world of possibilities opens up to those of you wanting to create truly unique products - there is so much I can do."

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"Mental flexibility is even more important than physical flexibility. I generated thousands of lines of code, 34 thousand lines in fact for this job. The coding or programming some might say was for my directions, travel speed and tool velocity to produce the textured surface. 

The trough of the wave is 4mm below the crest and I selected a 25mm diameter, 'bullnose' tungsten tipped tool. I set the tool velocity at 18,000 rpm and a travel speed across the workpiece of 5 meters per minute. And that was that really.  


Below: A carousel tool changer behind the boring head, for the smaller tools including profile and boring tooling. Due to their proximity, they are well placed for speedy, regular changeover. 

Otago Furn 6379
Otago Furn 6371

Above: A Tool Changer for larger tooling, the likes of Tungsten Tipped Saw Blades, 'Pineapple' Cutters and roughing out tools also.

Okay, a quick run-down on my vitals:

9000 long x 4700 wide x 3100 high
5,000 kg in weight
250m3 / hour suction
20,000 rpm maximum
11kw main motor

What does 5-axis mean?

It means my boring, shaping, cutting head can move in 5 directions -

  1. left and right – x axis
  2. back and forth – y axis
  3. up and down - z axis
  4. Tilt from vertical - a axis
  5. Tilt from horizontal - b axis